Reach your business goals FAST with our social media advertising services. Includes: Campaign Setup, monthly optimisations and reporting, up to 8 ads for search, display and shopping. Includes Ad creative and copywriting. Includes feed management.

$450 per month

Social Media Ads

Reach your business goals FAST with our social media advertising services. Includes: Campaign Setup, monthly optimisations and reporting, up to 8 ads with awareness and conversion stages. Includes Ad creative and copywriting.

$450 per month

Content Creation

You call the shots! You can go big or small with your campaigns. From simple content promotion, to fully developed advertising funnels and dynamic ads- there is no campaign too large for us at Double Fried.

$40 per hour

Organic Social

We create fun, engaging social media content. We are the creators of some seriously awesome posts! Our team creates interesting and creative story lines to engage audiences on every platform. Includes 12 posts per month, with artwork and copy created and scheduled after your approval

$300 per month


We’re an idea-taco! We’ll hold your digital marketing ingredients and make sure they’re seasoned just right.


Things you should know

  • All prices are excluding GST. This is added in your invoice
  • You will be billed by Grande Parade Pty Ltd, which is trading as Double Fried
  • We have 30 day cancellation policy. If you cancel before your next invoice you will be billed a pro-rata invoice to cover the remaining time
  • All invoices are sent in advance of the month
  • Campaign Setups are required for all projects, they are equal to one month of administration.
  • You will be assigned a client service manager on your onboarding. Whilst Peter and Josh (the owners) are available for support, your go to person will be the client strategy manager.


Strategy & Set-up

Our Process Starts with a strategy and setup stage. This is all about us downloading everything there is to know about the brand to assist us with your campaign infrastructure. It includes analytics setup or refinement, initial campaign build and docs for approval.

Campaign Go-Live

Once the strategy stage is complete and the infrastructure is built, we can get the campaign live! On go-live, we’ll be very careful assessing results and giving more regular updates. The initial go-live is where kinks can be identified and resolved.

Build to Success

There is no point doing A/B testing on a 2/10 campaign. The first adaptations of your campaign are about ensuring that our structure is fundamentally setup for success.Once this occurs, we can start doing opportunity testing and A/B testing, to ensure that we are improving the campaign constantly.

Reporting & Insight

At this stage, we have opportunity to critically assess strategies and performance on the campaign. We’ll be optimising based on micro-performance factors on a daily basis.


Across all platforms, you can expect the following in our world class service delivery


We ensure all decision and optimisation are as powerful as possible. On your account will be input from the CEO, our digital strategists, campaign managers and copywriters.


Ads are not set and forget in our team. You can expect to see regular updates to your ads to ensure that month on month we are sustaining the best possible ROAS for your business, matched with high performing top of funnel activity.


We are not the ministers for ‘good news’. You can expect to see transparent reporting on the good, the bad, and the ugly. At the end of the day, getting this all out in the open ensures that we are always doing better.

We’ll be able to get deeper into your analytics for insights to guide creative. We’ll help you make sure that your analytics are setup to ensure your customers’ buyer journey (and the ads that get them there), is as visible as possible. We’ll be critically assessing your ads regularly and feeding back important insights for the creative team, and making decisions about your campaign from this information. Finally, you can expect regular reporting, monthly updates with both short term and long term critical analysis, as well as recommendations and insights to move the campaign forward.


We aren’t yes men…but we do see collaboration as the most effective way to generate and maintain the best results. With your internal team for creative, we’ll assist you in delivering the creative we need to maximise performance on channels. Plus, when you need it, we can assist with creative alterations to adjust creative for additional placements when we think it will help the campaign.


Once your campaigns are humming along, we don’t just look to play it safe. Every month when there is opportunity to explore new creative formats, you’ll be the first to know about it from us. Whether it be a new media placement, platform, or otherwise.


Our first process on your campaign is to drive minimum feasible results. This signals that campaign structure and messaging is fundamentally correct. From here, we commence A/B testing and providing insights on conversion rate optimisation (CRO) ideas on the site to continue to improve the campaign.




We are part of the Brigade de cuisine that has consistently delivered standout meals for their Clients.



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